$ 245.00

Real Time Studio - Ultimate Zine Creation
*In collaboration with Graphic Sky Printers (this class is held at Graphic Sky).
For serious teens and up
Must have a computer with Photoshop
3 four hour classes 

*Go to the CALENDAR for class dates and times.

This is a three day artists boot camp for Zine creation. What is a Zine? Our goal is to take Zine publishing to the next level by fusing the hand made with the digital world. Make Zines for fun and profit.

We choose a concept or story, create imagery, design the page layouts, and produce all the art for what will become a beautifully printed Zine. Your Zine can be sold, become part of an art portfolio, or a Zine event, and more.

DAY ONE- Focus on the concept or story, and accompanying imagery. Any environments, characters, etc. will be designed at this time. We design a page layout for the Zine. HOMEWORK- Continue to refine after class.

DAY TWO-  We work on the final art. HOMEWORK- Continue to refine after class.

DAY THREE- Refine and finish all art. Print out the final layouts, collate, saddle stitch it together. With the final product in our hands we can strategize how to sell this piece of art for a profit. See the Artist As Brand class.

Art supply list and other details will be provided upon registration.