2020 ARTIST AS BRAND® WORKBOOK- Art Career Clarity & Prosperity

$ 29.95

 Making a living from your art today is more than having a skill set, it's about creating a brand around who you are. A brand is your purpose connected to the heart of your art. The goal of this class is to align your heart with your talent, create products/services out of your unique personal vision, and finally market these gifts to the world though High Tech & High Touch methods.

Building a niche market through the products that define you increases your worth and sustainability. Become an empowered artist entrepreneur. Artist As Brand® has been taught for over a decade at colleges/universities around the US and in South America.

Students learn to realign the purpose of their passion, then design their line of products/services inspired by their unique talents. Reviewing approaches of other successful artist entrepreneurs generates ideas for products and marketing techniques. This course derives its knowledge from decades of working in the publishing, film, popular art culture industries, as well as academia.

This is the official updated 2020 Artist As Brand® Workbook used in college courses and workshops around the world. You will receive a PDF version with a password to open it.


A. Learn how your talent and creativity is aligned with your heart.
Create a logo that represents a holistic symbol of your personal and
professional purpose.

B. Understand what a brand is and what components are necessary to make it successful. Create a line of products that are in alignment with your passion, goals and esthetics.

C. Create a network of social media (website, blog, etc.) to market and promote
your personal vision. Utilize on the ground marketing strategies to meet and grow your number of fans and patrons.

D. Make use of simple, sound business principles. Acquire the tools necessary to become a successful entrepreneur, and make a living from your art.


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