Memory of a Cosmic Heart - Orders begin Dec. 1, 2018

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"In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty." -Christopher Morley

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Some of the early feedback I am receiving from listeners of the rough music mixes are- "Brings tears to my eyes," "very emotional," "I got chills." The goal of sacred art and music is to open the heart and inspire a sense of awe. 

In the deep logic of sacred music we find a measure of reverence, which can result in strong emotions, goose bumps, and tears. These qualities stimulate wonder and curiosity about who we are and our connection to this multi-faceted world we live in. It is an amazing and mysterious phenomena. 

Music is, in a way, the sound of metaphysics, or metaphysics in sound.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres. -PYTHAGORAS (6th C. B.C.)

Pythagoras considered that the harmonious sounds that men make, either with their instruments or in their singing, were an approximation of a larger harmony that existed in the universe, also expressed by numbers, which was “the music of the spheres.” The heavenly spheres and their rotations through the sky produced tones at various levels, and in concert, these tones made a harmonious sound that man’s music, at its best, could approximate. Music was man’s participation in the harmony of the universe.*

The concept that the universe is built of varying levels of vibration was well known in the Mystery Schools of the ancient world. This truth provides the key to the use of music and art for healing in antiquity. Just as in an orchestra each musician plays his part, so each of us, inaudibly singing our own keynote, is woven into the larger harmonies of our environment. G. de Purucker describes a human being as -- somewhat like a sounding board, strung with seven chords like Apollo's lyre, across which sweep the winds of eternity, and the combined notes of these chords produce within him a cosmic symphony -- each one of us being a living mystic lyre vibrating in sympathy with the Music of the Spheres.**

We can hear the Music of the Spheres through contemplation, meditation or musical performance when resonating with the chord of that frequency. 

Three outstanding scholars: the Jesuit Father Athanasius Kircher who compared the creation of the world to the music of the organ, the English Rosicrucian Robert Fludd, who spoke of the "World Monochord," and the astronomer and discoverer of planetary laws, Johannes Kepler, knew that we are constantly surrounded by a sea of cosmic music, which is none other than the harmoniously vibrating life-atoms that form the vehicles of spiritual forces underlying manifestation.*

If you experience chills, tears and well up with emotion when listening to this album then we bow to the Music of the Spheres and its universal melodies of harmonious potential.

* Robert R. Reilly

** Andrew Rooke 


Together with my writing partner Rob Jacobs we have been developing this musical odyssey of the heart for over ten years with a synergy of talented musicians and singers. We are nearly finished mixing the album and delivery is scheduled for December 2018. 

PURPOSE: "Memory of a Cosmic Heart" is an album of music, married to an illustrated story, designed to awaken the neural connections in the heart.

STORY: A daughter of the Sun falls to earth and is born a human. She is a fiery soul living in a fleshy garment, revealing the power of a sun filled heart, until she is beckoned back to her solar home.

MUSIC: It is cinematic, operatic, new age, ambient, with world and electronic accents. The talent on the album is a music lovers dream.

(album cover art may change)


Vinyl LPs, with full color jacket, printed protective inner sleeve , and hand pressed foil numbering. Some of these LPs will be paired with limited edition prints and artwork! See the Rewards for details. There is something authentic about the tangible reality of records. Pulling an album from its jacket, then taking it out of its sleeve, placing it on the turntable and watching the needle hit the grooves is relaxing, and fulfilling. It almost feels like a sacred ritual.

  (CD cover art may change)

CDs within a full color Eco Digipak. Will come with a booklet of lyrics and esoterica. Some of these are available with artwork!
Digital Downloads are available for only $15.


Illuminated Manuscripts, 9"x9" hard cover, full color, numbered and signed.  I am writing and creating the art for this story. The pages will be filled with fascinating esoterica on astronomy, geology, astrophysics, metaphysics, and alchemy.




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