I use Birthdays as opportunities to turn back the clock and review what my journey has looked like. I reflect upon what have I accomplished, what I have done well, where did I fall short, what have I added to this world that is worth while?

How did my words and actions serve or inspire, or did they have the opposite affect?

Did my compassion grow or did I lock down my heart in specific moments? How did I handle uncomfortable challenges and fears?

Was I courageous and brave or did I back away and hide?

When I throw off this mortal coil, what if anything will be remembered of me?

I look at this life as a cycle of many, born and reborn, on and on. Each year is like chapter in a book. I wonder how many books I have in that cosmic library and what genres they represent?

March 13, 2022 by Greg Spalenka


Debbie Krueger

Debbie Krueger said:

Love you, and your inspection at life though your art, I have known you since 1973, we went to mission Viejo high school, football, wrestling and just always being there. Love you

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