1980-1990 The Beginning

“I learned that publishing could be a powerful platform for artists. Here was an opportunity to communicate issues about humanity while reaching thousands, and in some cases millions of people.” 

The 80’s were transformational in that I graduated Art Center College of Design, moved to New York City to begin my illustration career and after eight years returned to CA. Some of the highlights seen here represent art created at Art Center (80-82), my editorial illustrations (82-90) which reflect mainly social/political themes and a myriad of portraits (80-90) from the young Hemingway on the cover of the New York Times Magazine to my journalistic project with the soon to be heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson for Sports Illustrated. I created hundreds of illustrations for America’s largest publishers of magazines, books and newspapers.

Experience art techniques and other art career adventures in my first retrospective book, The Art of Greg Spalenka.