Excerpts from the album ©Greg Spalenka/Optic Press 


Memory of a Cosmic Heart is a spirit filled journey of hope and renewal reflecting a cosmic love affair within each of us. This sold out limited edition musical CD was the first incarnation of a multi-layered project. A graphic novel is the next manifestation. An expanded musical soundtrack will follow. 


Humanity and its desire for resources have pushed mother earth past the breaking point. Technology has triggered volcanic eruptions around the planet, creating an extinction event. While an indigenous tribe tries to reset the planet with a burst of ancestral wisdom, the sun sends a sprite on a solar flare to revive its celestial daughter with a powerful cosmic message.

Indigenous writers and artists will compliment the visual story telling.



Created by  
The Symbolists
Music Greg Spalenka, Rob Jacobs 
Produced James Raymond, Greg Spalenka, Rob Jacobs
Ambient/Dance Montana Jose
Vocals Sangeeta Kaur, Seay, Nick Palance, Madi Sato
C3LA Choir directed by Drew Corey 
Keyboards, Piano, Arrangements James Raymond 
Flutes Suzanne Teng 
Violin, Viola Dov
Piano, Guitar Fritz Heede 
Percussion Gilbert Levy, Greg Spalenka
Guitar Jeremy Kidd
French Horn Brandon Cervantes
Guitar Bill Brendle 


"Absolutely beautiful! My warm congratulations and bravo to you and your team!"
-Laura Sullivan, Grammy® Winning Composer
"Exquisite!! Absolutely mellifluous! Moving, cinematic, haunting..." 
-Michele Gold, Artist, Composer
 "...tremendous love in every track. It is ethereal, deep, beautiful, moving and took me on an inspired journey to another time and space."
-Peleg Top, Life Coach
"Listening to Memory of a Cosmic Heart, I am able to rise above my circling problem-solving thoughts and find my center."
-Lisa McCarthy, Dean, Waldorf School

In the frenetic pace of this modern day reality our inner and outer vision can become myopic. We lose sight that we are beings of consciousness, energy, and stardust.

 The purpose of sacred stories, art and music is to retune the frequency of our nervous system from a dissident chord to one of grace– a universal melody of harmonious serenity.