2010-2020 A Personal Vision

“Now my world is a fusion of personal projects and educating artists how to make a living from their talents.” 

I am showing at and exploring different art venues. Spectrum Fantastic Art Live started by Arnie and Cathy Fenner is a great example of new art forums opening up around the world. 

In 2010 I created Artist As Brand® an educational service to empower art career sustainability. Teaching entrepreneurial principles to students across the US and in South America has been very fulfilling. 

My love affair with the divine feminine continues to manifest with imagery that is a perfect fit for my wife's botanical perfume company, Roxana Illuminated Perfume. Nature and spirit dancing together weaves an infinite visual feast. Photography is increasingly used for capturing the essence of the beautiful Goddesses I work with.

In 2014 my first retrospective book, The Art of Greg Spalenka: Visions from the Mind's Eye was published by Titan Books in London, highlighting over thirty years of my art career.

2015 - 2017 Teaching and working on personal projects take precedence. The Musing the Goddess art show at the Cornell Winery inspired me to start working on larger scale pieces of art.

I moved to Santa Fe in 2017. My ten year music project, Memory of a Cosmic Heart created with writing partner, Rob Jacobs comes to completion in 2019 with amazing talent bringing a transcendent vibe to the vision. The first version of this project is finished, but stay tuned for the graphic novel of the story in 2022 with more musical transformation.

Teaching is still a part of my paradigm. 2020 will be my 10th year of moderating panel discussions at SDCC on art career clarity and sustainability! I am also teaching at the Institute of American Indian Arts and learning much with this experience. 

I begin experimenting with Cyanotypes and will be sharing these explorations in the near future.

Living in Santa Fe is a new adventure and bringing life to the many personal projects that have been kicking around inside my heart and mind for decades. It is time for more manifestation. Onward and Upward.