1990-2000 An Entrepreneurial Spirit

“In this decade I expanded my vision beyond the world of illustration to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.” 

The 90’s woke me up to the power of popular art culture. I started going to the San Diego Comic Convention in 1990 at the recommendation of Kent Williams and realized the potential of creating an art business with the support of fans and collectors. Here Jon J. Muth, Dave McKean, Ciruelo, and other creative souls were creating their own projects and selling them to the people who loved them. It inspired me to explore the heart of my art, opening fantastical channels of my imagination.

Michelle Barnes and I produced a musical project called, The Visions of Vespertina which fused our art and music and was picked up by a record label.I was still creating illustration for the publishing industry including some comic art for Sandman and other DC books, but much of my interest was in manufacturing my own products. It was also at this time that my spiritual journey intensified through the wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda and Goddess imagery grew in my consciousness.

Experience art techniques and other art career adventures in my first retrospective book, The Art of Greg Spalenka.