White Deer 41”x42”

Cyanotype emulsion on chromogenic print. Limited Edition.

Showing at Wolf Gallery - Located at Music Hill Ranch 16219 Navajo Trail Austin, TX 78738

Within the great story of reality, we enter into the canopied forest of our life, then emerge into the sunlight of our transformation.

The white deer holds a place in the traditions of many cultures. Native Americans believed the female white deer represented benevolence, kindness, creativity, spirituality, renewal, connectedness. A white stag symbolized longevity, virility, abundance and endurance. Symbolically, antlers represent sun rays of the great spirit.

The Celts considered white stags to be messengers from the “other world” and their appearance was said to herald profound change in the lives of those who encountered them. White deer are also a symbol of higher knowledge and to remind us of our spirituality.

Combining masculine and feminine principles, Deer with Stag, God with Goddess, creates a synergy of alchemical forces. Personal transformation is the goal.

My experiments with cyanotypes and early historical photographic processes reflect a type of alchemy in the elements of earth, fire, water and air. The symbolic elements of EARTH are found in the film, paper, and emulsion, FIRE is the sun’s rays exposing and transforming the chemicals into light and shadow, WATER develops and transfigures the image, AIR finishes the process of manifestation. This technique includes painting with the emulsion, destroying and rebuilding the image and repeating the process. Each piece is an evolution. Resurrecting concepts of Spirit and Alchemy in this manner, allows me to reflect upon aspects of my own personal evolution.


Andrea Kendall

Andrea Kendall said:

Am I correct that you are skipping SDCC this year? I completely understand if you are not going, but I would hate to miss seeing your amazing work in person if I somehow missed you in their guide.

May you continue to blessed be.

Greg Scott Spalenka

Greg Scott Spalenka said:

Thanks for your kind comment, Andrea. I will not be there this year… potentially next year!

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