“Greg is one of the most important, innovative and influential illustrators of the last 30 years and this gorgeously designed and printed retrospective more than proves that opinion. It is a collection that both entertains and inspires. Which, of course, means yes, you definitely should get a copy.”
Arnie Fenner at Muddy Colors 

“Greg Spalenka’s distinctive, dreamlike images haunt the mind, invoking new and old myths, populated with fire beings, desert spirits, and winged, ethereal creatures. His vast landscapes of extraordinary worlds lend themselves to exploration and contemplation, with vivid touches and tangible details that bring alien expanses, charmed forests, and mysterious labyrinths alike to life.”
Tor Books

“Type and paint and pixels all bleed into one, creating a beautiful tapestry of artwork inside that screams of pristine craftsmanship. The book quite literally may have some of the most luminous reproductions I’ve EVER seen in an art book.” 
-Dan Dos Santos

The name Greg Spalenka may or may not be a familiar one to you, but once you have seen his work in The Art of Greg Spalenka, you will never forget it. The new, oversized hardback collection features his creations in many different styles over the past 30 years, and is a tribute not only to his talent, but to the liberating freedom of art itself.
-Cinema Sentries

“The Art of Greg Spalenka’s pages are thick with a matte finish, allowing readers to better admire his stunning works of art. With nearly two hundred pages of art to go through, there is so much to see that it will take plenty of time to look through it all. While the pictures are great to look at, it’s the stories that will make this book truly stand out.”
-Entertainment Buddha

“Congrats on a gorgeous book. The printing gives both the painted work and the digital/photo work incredible detail and depth. The sketch is beautiful and a magical part of the book as a whole. Many evenings will be spent perusing this wonderland of print. Thank you.”
-Nathan Dryden

“Covers your blossoming, the evolution of your art, and a growing awareness of your peaceful soul. Thank you for the beautiful Impromptu print and the lovely cards!”
-Cesar Garcia



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