chiabanner“Chiaroscuro Gold” represents the awakening of our essential nature. People ask me who modeled for the image. She started out as a drawing within my mind’s eye, then was painted, then scanned into the computer, then printed out and worked on again. This image illuminates the beautiful jasmine inspired perfume by Roxana Illuminated Perfume

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.22.08 PM
Ten banners only, made to order, each is a little different. Signed, numbered, 4’x 6′ digital print on canvas, adorned with metallic inks applied by hand. Stabilized with metal rods and finials, the banner is framed with silk cords and tassels, with a silk cord for hanging. I suggest an antique ornamental hook to hang it upon.

This piece will look beautiful in just about any decor, from classical to modern.

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