In honor of Earth Day 2019, I will print up a limited edition of my sold out, Fountainhead print. I am printing only the orders for this special edition, no extras. This special will be available for 24 hours only. Each print will be signed, numbered (for this one time Earth Day edition) and graced with an intimate alchemical drawing of the Goddess on the border.

Fountainhead means the original source. This image represents Gaia sharing her life giving essence to vitalize and renew the planet. The knight is a symbol of our responsibility to protect and revere the bounty of this unique, magnificent earth we live on.

My art is created with the intention to imbue the subconscious mind with positive, uplifting concepts, so that like a mantra or a mandala each time it is viewed there is an awakening to the power within us to make changes that benefit our lives, and everything around us.

This 18”x24 archival print is a one time, 24 hour only opportunity for Earth Day 2019. I support my local printer by having these prints made in Santa Fe.

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