I worked on this CG animated film at Rainmaker Studios in Vancouver, Canada a while ago. It is a story about a group of wacky aliens who are incarcerated in Area 51, and attempt to escape it.

Production Designer Barry Jackson pulled together a team of artists to create visual development for it. As usual the script changed radically over the course of designing the film. The original director was fired, mayhem ensued. Such is the drama of the entertainment industry. Escape From Planet Earth is in theaters now and not with the best reviews but as Barry put it, “It’s a great film if you are ten years old.”

I don’t think anything I designed for the film ended up in it, but here are some of the concepts I worked on.

This fellow turned into the one eyed character you see on the poster.

Beep Beep was nixed from the script.

I worked with David Krentz on this guy.


Area 51 jail concept.

Area 51 concept.

Area 51 Alien Gun concept.

Bus station on the planet Baab.

Bus on the planet Baab.

Bungalow on the planet Baab.

Space station on the planet Baab. I worked with Fred Gambino on this.

Ship8a One of my many wacky spacecraft designs. I was attempting to bring a retro/toy like quality to these ships.

More spaceships of a classic early sci-fi nature.

Ship2b More retro, techno, flying space toys.

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