Here is the new LookBook I helped create for Roxana Illuminated Perfume and her new Figure 1: Noir botanical perfume. The Figure 1: Noir LookBook like the scent is dark, sensual, earthy revealing the unique qualities that make up this artisan fragrance. Includes a new image of one of my favorite models, Jessica Lough.

“Roxana illuminates an eccentric curiosity birthed of primordial earth. Figure 1: Noir is an intriguing perfume oddity, deep and resinous with a loamy plume of botanical musk featuring harmonious notes of patchouli, green vetiver, Mysore sandalwood, orris and valerian juxtaposed with the pungent tartness of buchu leaf, black cumin, green cognac and davana. The effect is as intimate and universal as human skin with an unsettling wild animalic shadow.”


Pin it to Win it!

Roxana would like to invite you to the Pin it to Win it: Figure 1: Noir contest, where you can win a bottle of the upcoming Figure 1: Noir Eau de Parfum!

To participate create a board on Pinterest titled Figure 1: Noir, then pin imagery that you feel best evokes the fragrance. Go here for more details.

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