Tonight is the opening for the “Marriage is a Work of Art” show at Krab Jab Studio in Seattle. It showcases the art of seven artist couples, myself and Roxana included. Figure 5: Bois is a 3’x5′ digital print on canvas that will be showcased along with the Roxana Illuminated Perfume solid perfume of the same name.


The union of two souls are like trees rooted to the ground while the incense
of their love branches upward manifesting a sacred geometric imprint in the ethers.

The perfume… is a weathered and warm embrace from the undergrowth of a mystic forest.

It is a beautiful combination of art and scent. Go to the show and experience both.
$950 for the 3’x5′ banner (with hand painted wooden hanging slats top and bottom) and a Figure 5: Noir solid perfume.

Here is a review of the show.

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