We just celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday with family, relatives and friends at the delectable Antonello’s Ristorante in Costa Mesa. There was much fun with the festivities.

I created a multi-media show that followed my Dad’s early years growing up, my Mom’s early years growing up and then the whole Spalenka clan growing up, all with a live improvised accordion accompaniment by Don Milich. It was a blast!

Here are a few pics from the presentation-

David up front (behind l-r) brother George, Mom (Mayme), Francis, and John. Maryanne his older sister took this picture.

I love this picture of my Mom when she was around 18 years old on the farm in Nebraska.

The Prince and Princess ready for a date (1956). Look at the Glamour and Seventeen magazines on the table in the foreground.

Classy and classic.

The Gang circa late 60’s- (top left) Bob Summers, Diane Duus, Sharon, Karen, Susan Allen, (bottom left) Jean, Mark, Paul, and a friend whose name I cannot remember (maybe David Denny). I took this pic with my trusty Kodak Instamatic.

Taking a ride with Grandpa on the farm in Nebraska. Polaroid.

The Brady Bunch. Ha! Not!

My Dad, Mr. David Spalenka! Go Dad!

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