On the 8th day of the 8th month, the Lions Gate opens. Metaphysically this is a powerful day for transformation and visualization. There is a scene I worked on for the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" motion picture which encapsulates this concept. Go Here.

One of the characters, Eustice has been turned into a dragon through a greedy activity. He is in danger of being slain because no one knows that this is not his real form. After realizing his error he asks for forgiveness and Aslan, the sacred lion turns him back into his human form... with some intense dramatics.

This scene symbolically represents the dragon of our lower nature, and the power of transformation using right thoughts, and right actions. The animatic shows our dragon/boy floating up from the ocean (his subconscious) as a sand bar pushes him above the water.

When he opens his eyes (waking the portals of perception) he sees the sun rising which turns into Aslan standing on the water. Aslan roars and rushes the waking dragon (the wind of realization). He tears him open with his claws (removing the ego) and the transformation begins from lower nature to higher being. 

The changing consciousness is washed over by a huge wave (infinite love), setting in motion a rebirth. Meditation, Contemplation, Prayer and Visualization are tools that help us calm the mind and open the portals of perception. May the perception of truth be yours.

Music- "Creation" by Honk and "Pulsar" from the "Memory of a Cosmic Heart" album.



Nadia said:

These images are very powerful; very effective in portraying this transformation from lower to higher nature. I just watched the video multiple times—I have goose bumps! The cast of characters here reminds me of Nietzsche’s “Three Metamorphoses” which delineates the journey from camel to lion to child, and a dragon also plays a prominent role. I just love to see the same spiritual journey content expressed in different forms. Rather than confusing things, the different forms are like saying the same thing in different ways; I find it very instructive. In any case, bravo, and I look forward to taking your classes in the future. Thrilled to have found them just now.

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