“Lotus Faerie Circus Punk”- Circus punk, decal, acrylic, gold leaf, faux fur 7 x 14″ high

“Much of my Faerie imagery reflects the concept of transformation. Rebirth, regeneration, spiritual awakening are themes I visit when creating art that showcases our ethereal friends. The powers of the feminine psyche are also embraced in much of this art, hence we also see the Goddess in all her forms of sensuality, grace and divinity.

The “Lotus Faerie Circus Punk” is a one of kind combination of two different worlds. A circus punk is an object that is used in a carnival/circus game as a target to be knocked down with a bean bag or ball. If it is knocked over then a prize is to be won.

The underlying concept of this art piece is to shine some respectability on an object like the lowly circus punk. Adorning it with artful imagery and gold leaf raises it to a sacred status. Transformation complete.”

This one of kind piece of art is on display at Krab Jab Studios in Seattle with the Faerie II show. It is priced at $300. The show closes Feb. 27.


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