I have a few Masters of Science Fiction & Fantasy Art books left over from Comic Con.

I am joined by a wonderful collection of artists: Jim Burns, Shaun Tan, Dave Seeley, Avi Katz, John Picacio, Pavel Mikhailenko, Ken Wong, Brom, Bruce Jensen, Scott M. Fischer, Todd Lockwood, Stephan Martiniere, Tomasz Maronski, Camille Kuo, Galan Pang, Marta Dahlig, James Gurney, Kinuko Y. Craft, Charles Vess, Donato Giancola, Rebecca Guay, Dan Dos Santos, Petar Meseldzija, Terese Nielsen, Bob Eggleton, Don Maitz, Gregory Manchess.

I am selling these books for $45 each (shipping included) signed, with a drawing on the title page of each. This one had a cat girl, but the other copies do not have drawings yet, so I can create a specific image just for you. Otherwise let me run wild with it. Either way you will own a one of a kind special edition of this cool book.

Go here to purchase.

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