The new is up with a new look and a new vision. You can peruse some of my art career history and stay up to date on the new projects I am producing throughout the year in the WORKS. In the SHOP section there are beautiful high end giclees for sale as well as some classic card sets, posters, books and music. Some classics will include a handful of the now out of print “Eyes of the Unicorn”  books as well as rare posters of which I have maybe one or two left. Stay tuned for the posters they are very cool.


You will also have an opportunity to explore more of my photography and some upcoming very cool collaborations with Roxana Illuminated Perfume! The Visions of Vespertina illustrated book is back on track too! Click on WORKS- Current for the newest projects that are lining up to be finished.


Lastly, I am taking Portrait Commissions! They are for the serious art connoisseur who really wants to celebrate the beauty and power of this timeless art form. Truly a magnificent gift!



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