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This is a wonderful post from Miss Modish that I want to share with you for this New 2013. Enjoy…

“I’ve been taking these past few days of 2013 to figure out what I really want for my life in the year ahead…

And I’ve decided, I’m making no resolutions. I’m setting no goals.

I’m focusing less on the things I want for my life, and more on how I want to FEEL.

I’m focusing less on what I want to do up ahead, and more on who I want to BE.

I’m tired of hoping for someday, and am ready to ACT on today.

I think when we become so worried about which path to take and if it’s the right one, how long it’s going to be and “when are we going to get to the end already?”, that we forget to look up at the trees, and the light shining down through them- we forget about the happiness that we have access to, here and now.

We forget that there are signs pointing us in the right direction, and opportunities all around us, if we only look.

We forget that it doesn’t really matter which path we pick- as long as it’s our choice, it will lead us to that sense of fulfillment we seek.”


January 03, 2013 by Spalenka

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