Ten years ago my first illustrated children’s picture book, “The Eyes of the Unicorn” was printed. I am celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a one of kind sale.

“The Eyes of the Unicorn,” is an enchanting, magical tale of a girl’s love, a hunt for a unicorn and the transformation of her friends heart. It was written by Teresa Bateman, and published in 2007 by Holiday House in New York. When I was commissioned to create the illustrations the goal was to bring a cinematic flavor to the book which was unique in the children’s market at the time, yet keep a classical foundation. The book found its audience, but it is now out of print.

This sale is an opportunity to own the evolution of the book’s imagery, and more.

You will receive:

– Seventeen (mostly 8.5″x11″) pencil sketches (includes pagination notes)
– Eighteen printed Color Comps (8.5″x11″ rough color representations of the final art, includes alternate cover designs)
– Original printers proofs from China
– One signed book with a drawing
-The last archival, signed, 20″ x 30″ giclee of “Bliss” (Tanisa with the Unicorn lying in her lap, $500 value).
– One of the last remaining “The Eyes of the Unicorn,” limited edition card sets.
– A one on one conversation with me to learn about the makings of the book. We will talk about the ideas behind the images, the process and evolution of the art, challenges working with the publisher, the secret alchemical symbolism that I integrated into the book, and more.

This entire collection is $2000.00. Go HERE to purchase.

Click on the images to see them large-

All in all, this is a comprehensive one of a kind collection of personal sketches, and printed art highlighting the making of this special picture book. If you are a lover of children’s stories, the creative process, and the timeless power of unicorns, you and your kids will enjoy this journey.

This entire collection is $2000.00. Go HERE to purchase.

It will be shipped in two separate packages for its protection. Shipping and insurance will be $50.00.

The Eyes of the Unicorn book reviews:

“This is a beautiful book with wonderful illustrations and an uplifting message. Great for all ages and anyone who loves unicorns.”

“There are many books that do not meet the sense of magic and wonder and heart that this book does, and there are many that miss-the-mark completely on the whole mythos of unicorn-dom. This one doesn’t. It’s a jewel! and has the rich illustrations to match the beautiful, edifying story.”

“Greg Spalenka is an artist whose work transcends the ordinary while breathing life into the universal.
The artist’s skill is equal to his understanding of human emotion, historical tradition and the power of myth.
Exquisitely beautiful.”

October 29, 2017 by Spalenka

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