White Deer is an important piece of art in my Goddess cyanotype series. White Deer is associated with myths and lore from around the world and I wanted to bring this timeless story into the world of popular art culture.

I have written a poem that reflects White Deer's rite of passage. It's classical poetry with a hint of children's book prose and is becoming a very limited edition graphic novel! I intend to have the project finished in 2024.

These beautiful graphic novels will accompany the purchase of a White Deer artwork of which there are limited versions. 

Here is an excerpt from the poem, with a sketched panel from the graphic novel above.


White Deer by Greg Spalenka

In the depths of nature's core

A truth awaits, forevermore

That life's enchantment never ends

We evolve, transform, transcend

Childhood Dream

I awoke, yet still was dreaming,

Lucid but my eyes were sleeping

I see the pond, an ancient mirror

Revealing a ghostly White Deer

This rite of passage – girl to crone

Ancient wisdom, we learned to own

When this looming fate pressed near

Uncertain, this maiden fled her fears

With the blush of dawn life bloomed

Illuminating all the darkened rooms

While mushrooms rose in sodden nooks

and berries bounced by babbling brooks

Morning beckoned heartily

Paths of sun lead nature’s bounty

Fauna played, birds alighted

World’s of dark and light collided

Innocence is a mystic trance

In light of day, where shadows dance

The solar rays weave and wind

Through verdant woods of fable

Yet, to step beyond the realm of fear

and let the forest draw me near

I requested a tale untold

Of love and courage, brave and bold


November 28, 2023 by Greg Spalenka



Sophia said:

Thank you for the beautiful image and poem. Exquisite!

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