$ 195.00

Must have completed Introduction to Entertainment Design
Must have an iPad with Procreate or a laptop computer with Photoshop.
For serious teens and up
2 three hour classes

We expand upon concept design principles used in the film, games and publishing industries and begin to build the visual intelligence of your worlds. You write a simple story or use an existing one, then create the characters to bring it to life. Students must have some proficiency in drawing materials, and proficiency in Photoshop.

DAY ONE- We review the components of what makes solid character designs and how do they serve the story? We choose a story and begin to design the main characters in it. We focus on the audience for these characters and their personalities, emotions and attire if any. The goal is to sketch as many designs as possible, integrating turn arounds to show the character at different angles.

DAY TWO- We refine the best three main character designs, bring them into Photoshop and work on textures and color. If there is time we will start on secondary characters to create a line up.

- We make the final art look as polished as possible, look at the potential of creating 3D versions. Look at the quality in comparison to industry standards.


Graphite sticks, pencils, kneaded eraser, stick/barrel eraser, sketchbook, and iPad with Procreate or laptop computer with Photoshop.