$ 195.00

Must have completed Introduction to Entertainment Design
Must have an iPad with Procreate or laptop computer with Photoshop.
For serious teens and up
2 three hour classes- two days

*Go to the CALENDAR for class dates and times.

We learn from concept design principles used in the film, games and publishing industries and begin to build the visual intelligence of your worlds. You write a simple story or use an existing one, then create the environments where it all takes place. Students must have some proficiency in drawing materials, and proficiency in Photoshop.

DAY ONE- Almost all stories are told within an environment, and these places need to be visualized. After determining the genre and audience of the story we look at creating a simple style guide to set rules for these places. We will do some online research for reference and then start to sketch out ideas.

- We refine the best sketches and bring them into Photoshop to work on them further.

DAY TWO- Environments can be time consuming so we will continue to refine this art to a professional level as much as possible. Looking at the quality in comparison to industry standards gives the student a fair assessment of how close they are to working as a professional.


Graphite sticks, pencils, kneaded eraser, stick/barrel eraser, sketchbook, and iPad with Procreate or laptop computer with Photoshop.