$ 95.00

Three hour class

Explore art techniques utilizing acrylic paints and coffee. Demonstrations, with emphasis on student experimentation.

*Go to the CALENDAR for class dates and times.

LEARNING OUTCOME- Using acrylic paints and coffee, we will use different techniques and processes to push the potential of these materials to create unique imagery and effects.


You will need a thick robust paper like Strathmore Bristol paper or hot press illustration board 15"x20," graphite sticks (pencils if you prefer or both), kneaded eraser, barrel/stick eraser, pearl eraser, various size brushes from small to 3" flat brushes, acrylic paints (as many colors as you want), freeze dried coffee, palette paper pad or butcher tray (to mix your paints in), piece of cloth or soft paper towels, latex gloves, container of water.