$ 195.00

2 three hour classes.
Teens and up.

*Go to the CALENDAR for class dates and times.

A crash course on fantastic art as it relates to print media. Students
conceptualize, design and produce fantastic and fictional content
using their own art techniques (either traditional art materials
or computer generated). Topics covered include imaginative creatures,
worlds and environments aligned with concept design and story telling
principles. Students will explore and create elements of a unique
fantasy world.

Through lectures, reviewing films, books, sketching, brainstorming,
and collaboration, the student’s goal is to create the visual elements
of a fantasy story. This is not a class on technique or about creating
finished pieces of art. Students will explore ideas through sketches
so any dry media they are comfortable with can be used, including the
tablet and computer.

A. Analyze the power found in fantasy and sci-fi stories, children picture
books, comics and novels.

B. Understand classic principles of storytelling and how art compliments it.

C. Realize the importance of personality traits in a character through design,
fashion and movement.

D. Learn how environments and props compliment the story and can become their own characters

DAY ONE- Lecture on the history of fantasy art and how it relates to great
art in all mediums. We will review story telling principles, potential themes,
and how to approach your art from this angle. Attention to environments, the
macrocosm to the microcosm, the natural world to built structures and cities
will be explored as we begin to sketch out a fantastical place.

- Character design. What makes an interesting character? Human, alien, animal, monster? Starting with simple shapes we sketch out characters for a fantasy story.

DAY TWO- We will learn about and sketch out a fantasy landscape. How does the look of a place serve the story? 

- Now we start to pull all the elements together into a single image.
What is the story we are telling with this art? Composition principles are addressed, how light and dark values work together to create a powerful statement.