The entire arc of the album can be experienced through these song excerpts. It is a journey best heard in sequence. © 2019 Greg Spalenka/Optic Press 

Created by  
The Symbolists
Story and Music Greg Spalenka with Rob Jacobs 
Produced James Raymond, Greg Spalenka, Rob Jacobs
Ambient/Dance Montana Jose
Vocals Sangeeta Kaur, Seay, Nick Palance, Madi Sato
C3LA Choir directed by Drew Corey 
Keyboards, Mixing James Raymond 
Flutes Suzanne Teng 
Violin, Viola Dov
Piano, Guitar Fritz Heede 
Percussion Gilbert Levy, Greg Spalenka
Guitar Jeremy Kidd
French Horn Brandon Cervantes
Guitar Bill Brendle 


"Listening to Memory of a Cosmic Heart, I am able to rise above my circling problem-solving thoughts and find my center." -L. McCarthy
"Exquisite!! Absolutely mellifluous! Moving, cinematic, haunting..." -M. Gold
"Absolutely beautiful! My warm congratulations and bravo to you and your team!"
-Laura Sullivan, Grammy® Winning Composer




When is the last time you experienced ecstasy? It is not easy when living in a world of drama and conflict. The daily grind of survival and bombardment of electronic media consumes our attention. It is rare when we experience a feeling of inspired serenity. Can you remember those moments that opened your heart like a lover?



 In the frenetic pace of this reality our vision becomes myopic. We lose sight that we are beings of consciousness, energy, and stardust. One way to remember this awareness is to look up at the Milky Way Galaxy on a clear night, take it in and connect to that infinitude. It is an awe inspiring confirmation of our collective memory. This is our natural state. Magnificent Potential. We are physically and energetically made up of star matter. Our DNA is intimately woven with the cosmos. The heart feels something divine when we align with the vibrational heartbeat of this sacred universe.



This is the journey Memory of a Cosmic Heart will take you on. Inspired by the yearning to know our divine origins, it connects us intimately to the music of the spheres and the symphony in our heart.



I invite you to step into the fluid journey of this music and experience its soul opening metaphysics. The purpose of sacred art and music is to retune the frequency of our nervous system from a dissident chord to one of grace. May Memory of a Cosmic Heart awaken the awe within you and the universal melody of harmonious serenity.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres. -Pythagoras (6th C. B.C.)


Look for the Memory of a Cosmic Heart illustrated book in 2019. A story filled with fascinating esoterica on astronomy, geology, astrophysics, metaphysics, alchemy and the sun within our hearts.




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