"Absolutely beautiful! My warm congratulations and bravo to you and your team!"
-Laura Sullivan, Grammy® Winning Composer

“This is a musical and artistic collaboration that is stunning, sweeping, potent and ultimately so relevant for the moment, that I wept openly as I listened to it…” more…
-Beth Gehring, Writer, Novelist

"Love the music. "Beloved" is hauntingly beautiful, Sangeeta is very talented... Reminds me of Celtic Woman...and the music listened to at the Spirit Tree in the movie Avatar. Amazing production/mixing quality, worthy of a Grammy."
-Greg Montana, Life Coach

"It's truly fantastic! I've been listening to it intensively these days. I love the variety and excellence of the instruments: flutes, pianos, violins, percussion... the vocalists are awesome! I would love to see a multimedia live concert because I can imagine your images being projected along with your music."
-Ciruelo, Artist, Musician, Composer

“Exquisite!! Absolutely mellifluous!! Cinematic, haunting..."
-Michele Gold, Artist, Composer

“A real splendid range of styles that all hold together as a beautiful, positive sonic piece. Then there are the confident voices that range from nicely theatrical to angelic. Sangeeta is a gem.”
-John Banks, Artist, Educator

“As a Dean of Education and the mother of three, I carry the weight of so many worlds through my days. Listening to Memory of a Cosmic Heart, I am able to rise above my circling problem-solving thoughts and find my center. I can locate my heartbeat through the thread of the beat in these songs. Listening, I find myself forging forth with power of earth and fire and then suddenly flying and floating above it all through air and water. The blend of cultures and instruments reminds us we are all part of the same thread and in this dance together. I am able to breathe through the array of rhythm, beauty, power, flight, peace and hope.
-Lisa McCarthy, Dean, Waldorf Education

“Very haunting, evocative and powerful. I wish I had sung on it!
Excellent work! Very inspiring.”
-Melanie Hutton, Musician, Singer, Songwriter

“This record is extremely well done with tremendous love in every track. It is ethereal, deep, beautiful, moving and took me on an inspired journey to another time and space. I love the harmonies and the production value is stellar.”
-Peleg Top, Life Coach

“Memory of a Cosmic Heart is a beautiful project, warming to spirit and soul. It is packed with good energy for the world.”
-Silas Toball, Composer, Musician, Artist

"Wow, it is so beautiful and full of images and time. I can feel history going by as I listen. I love the divine feminine/masculine aspect. It felt like I was listening to an epic movie of the history of the world!" 
-Diana Lang, M
etaphysical yoga, Meditation teacher

“A really good album… Way beyond what I imagined.”
-Fritz Heede, Musician, Composer, Filmmaker

“The total mix of elements is really refreshing and creatively uplifting. I'd say sophisticated yet simple, elegant, yet passionate. Artistically brilliant.”
-Dov, Musician, Composer, Artist

“Fantastic! I love that it takes you on a spiritual journey.
Beautiful and meaningful.”
-Caitlin Lambert

"Your music made me honest."
-Eduard Medina

“I’ll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of new age style music. Given that, I enjoyed most of the tunes and especially liked the pieces that have a more world beat orientation.
--Jon Schindehette, Art Director