BEYOND HIGH SCHOOL - Career Clarity & Sustainability - Two Classes

$ 195.00

Class in person or via Zoom

Two Classes, 3 hours each.

*Go to the CALENDAR for class dates and times.

For Serious High School Students
Must have a computer or an iPad

Includes the Beyond High School Workbook

Choosing a career can be a daunting task. It generally begins in High School
when students are pressured to choose a college to further their education.
This process can be stressful and even counterproductive if the person's heart and mind are not in agreement.

In this class you will find clarity through an introspective approach to who you are, what you love, and what your talents are. A strategy is designed to research career options, then seek out those opportunities. College, online education, mentorship, financial aid are reviewed as the final steps to realizing your dream career.

Through lectures, personal introspection, exercises, discussions,
online research, and connecting with prospects one on one, students
will learn through direct experience what career they want to pursue
and how to go about making it a reality.


A. Gain clarity around who you are, what you love, and insight into your
specific talents.

B. Create a strategy to research career options that align with your desires,
talents and world view, then seek out those opportunities.

C. Learn the benefits of connecting with the people, companies, organizations
that support your career goals.

D. Learn what college, online education, mentorship, and financial aid services
are available to help you during the final steps to realizing a career that will
be personally fulfilling as well as profitable.

DAY ONE- Gain clarity around who you are, what you love, and insight into your
specific talents. Create a symbol to represent these virtues. Devise a Vision Board that clarifies your occupational propensities and then research them further. Students will research people who work in the fields they are interested in, contact them and request an interview.

DAY TWO- Review student's emblem designs, Vision Boards, and the people they contacted in their field of interest. We will assess their interviews, and how they informed their career choice. 

Then the student strategizes a plan of action to make their career goal a reality. This map will define whether college, university, vocational school, online education, mentorship or entrepreneurial path is the best direction for them, and how to do that. 


Please make certain you are committed to attending this class as the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, if you cannot make the class you signed up for, you may use your registration for another class (of similar value) or sell/transfer the class to another person. We realize that unexpected issues may arise which prevent you from attending a class but remember that a space has been set aside for you. This policy is firm. You must notify us in writing (via email) of any changes.

If this class is canceled for any reason, we will make every effort to reschedule it and transfer your registration, otherwise your registration fee will be refunded. 

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"Beyond High School helped me see who I was on the inside."
-Student at Parkway South High School, Manchester, Mo  

"I feel like this class cleared up my intended life path completely. I feel like I can truly make my dreams come true"
-J. Greer, 12th grade, South High School, Manchester, Mo  

"I really thought my mind was set on Missionary work and now I am leaning towards becoming a paramedic! It opened my eyes to new possibilities."
-C. Harter at Parkway South High School, Manchester, Mo