Nature's Graces, 46″x52″ mixed media painting

$ 4,000.00

Nature’s Graces, 46″x52″ mixed media (oil, acrylic, metallics and gold leaf on vinyl and wood), honey, coffee, varnish. The distressed gold painted frame was designed and hand made specifically for the art.

Mythology represents the Three Graces as goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, creativity and fertility. This painting also reflects the Tree of Life symbolically as the human spine with the kundalini rising up it, represented by the serpent spiraling up the trunk. One of my intentions with this art was to honor the great art master, Raphael. There are small amounts of honey under the gold leaf to symbolize the nectar of prosperity and increase the alchemical properties of the art.

The painting has a calm, luminescent power about it. It truly puts you in a contemplative mood and will compliment any classic or modern environment. Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA.