$ 95.00

1 four hour class

*Go to the CALENDAR for class dates and times.

Enjoy the freedom of exploring art techniques utilizing inks, water color, acrylic paint and coffee as well as integrating the phone camera, computer and printer as tools within these processes. Demonstrations, with emphasis on student experimentation.

A. Explore different art materials and techniques. Learn how these tools can create unique textures and effects.

B. Focusing on experimentation adds a sense of adventure and freedom. Adding some tech tools in the evolution of a piece takes the process to another level.

C. Students will learn that deconstructing, dismantling, almost destroying a piece of art can be as important as building one. Removing the concept of longevity or archival quality in the creation of art, can inspire more risk taking allowing for more revelations to present themselves.

Some but not all art materials will be made available in class. A more comprehensive material list to be made available upon student registration.


PART ONE- Using inks, water color, acrylic paints and coffee, we will use different techniques and processes to push the potential of these tools to create unique effects.

Short Break

PART TWO- Integrating the camera, and the computer we will push the
initial drawings further integrating more process into mix.