Flowers of Fortune Card Game

$ 20.00

The most beautiful scratch off card game in the world!

"Flowers of Fortune" is a set of four 5"x7" illuminated art cards (four images) that offer unique gifts! On each card is a silver design which when gently scratched off reveals either a fortune, pearl of wisdom, art gift, or up to $250. Art gifts can include one of my archival giclee prints, posters, Vespertina CD's, or other art card sets. This "Flowers of Fortune" edition is limited to 1000 card sets, has 100 art gifts, and 7 cash prizes between $100-$250.

Explore the possibilities of what may be waiting for you under the silver sheen. Begin to scratch off the silver ink in the middle of the design toward the right and left edges of the card. If you are mindful in removing the ink along the text you can retain most of the silver design.

Titles for the cards are "Gracing The Dawn", "Blooming Princess", "Red Star", and "Bee Prosperity". The images symbolically represent new beginnings, birth, hope, and prosperity. 

Shipping is included.

Flowers of Fortune Art Card Set Rules-
To redeem your prize please mail your winning Flowers of Fortune limited edition card with your preference as to item (If your card gives a choice, please go to and review the EDITIONS page, pick out an item and email me your selection), and your shipping address to Greg Spalenka/Flowers of Fortune, 1600 Lena st. A6 Santa Fe, NM 87505. The item will be shipped to you along with your card. If your prize is a cash amount you will be sent a check.