KNOW THYSELF - Reveal Your Life's Purpose - Wisdom from the Temple of Delphi

$ 95.00

Class in person or via Zoom

Three hour class

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For serious teens and up

Includes the Know Thyself Workbook

"Thank you for the amazing workshop! I'm observing my heart virtue settling in and have connected the dots to a lot of events in my life that it has played an important role in." - Amruta Ponkshe, Mumbai, India

Have you ever had that unsettling feeling that you have been moving through life but not really living it? Do you feel there is more to your existence than you are experiencing now? Are you living your life's purpose? These are timeless questions and a clue to their answers can be found at the Temple of Delphi in Greece. Amongst the ancient ruins of this Goddess-based civilization is an ancient Greek inscription prescribing its reader to “Know Thyself.”

“Know thyself” is a pearl of wisdom that is still true today, yet most people walk through life reacting to what comes their way without thinking much about who they are and what they want to accomplish. Food, shelter, clothes, transportation, entertainment and comfort are usually first on the list of what most of us are interested in. Is this only what life is about?

I submit that we all have a virtuous ambition planted inside our hearts that can conjure up a much more fascinating and fulfilling existence. It is only a matter of being aware what it is, realizing our purpose in it, and creating a plan to see it blossom in the world.

I have taught this technique to over a thousand students. It works. 

Start living a life long adventure that will inspire you to rise from your bed in the morning ready to greet the new day, everyday. 


A. Realize how the soul of your life is aligned with your heart.

B. Design an emblem that represents this newfound knowledge.

C. Create a vision board that will align your heart virtue with a plan to share it with the world.


“I feel so hopeful, like I have never felt before, and I want to thank you.”  -V. Lavorini

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