Memory of a Cosmic Heart Limited Edition CD with Original Artwork- Innocence

$ 60.00

 The original drawing you see here is included with this MEMORY OF A COSMIC HEART LIMITED EDITION CD.

The high quality CD includes a booklet with concept art and lyrics, as well as the 5"x5" original artwork you see here.

Delivery March 2019. 


The entire arc of the album can be experienced through these song excerpts. It is a journey best heard in sequence. © 2018 Greg Spalenka/Optic Press

Created by  
The Symbolists

 Music Greg Spalenka, Rob Jacobs 
Producers James Raymond, Greg Spalenka
Ambient/Dance Montana Jose
Vocals Sangeeta Kaur, Seay, Nick Palance, Madi Sato
C3LA Choir directed by Drew Corey 
Keyboards, Programming James Raymond 
Flutes Suzanne Teng 
Violin Viola- Dov
Piano, Guitar Fritz Heede 
Percussion Gilbert Levy, Greg Spalenka
Guitar Jeremy Kidd
French Horn Brandon Cervantes
Guitar Bill Brendle 



Memory of a Cosmic Heart is inspired by the stars, physically, metaphysically, and metaphorically. It connects the music of the spheres to the symphony in our cells.

I invite you to step into the fluid journey of this music and experience its soul opening metaphysics. The purpose of sacred art and music is to retune the frequency of our nervous system from a dissident chord to one of grace. May Memory of a Cosmic Heart awaken the awe within you and the universal melody of harmonious serenity.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres. -Pythagoras (6th C. B.C.)

 Artwork- The artwork that accompanies this limited edition CD was created by a high touch and high tech process. I start out with a charcoal or graphite drawing of a face or figure or landscape and then scan it into the computer, work on it there, then print it out and work on it again. I may also print directly over the drawing by running it through the printer randomly, integrating designs or other imagery over the top of the art. Hence, every piece of art has been produced via an uncharted, serendipitous adventure.    



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