Commissioned Portraits

$ 1,250.00

A part of my art career was devoted to creating portraits for America's magazine, book and newspaper publishers. I was commissioned to draw and paint impressions of actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, writers, artists, magicians, scientists, teachers, criminals, saints, from the famous to the infamous.

My goal in each instance was to capture the essence of this individual and the best way to accomplish this was by meeting them in person whenever possible. Adding a subtle conceptual element to the portrait be it through light, color, attitude, symbol or scene helped communicate who these people were. Many of these renditions received awards from the New York Society of Illustrators and other art organizations.

A million iPhone photos will never compare to the timeless romance and power of these intimate, personal, one of a kind pieces of art. A portrait can be enjoyed on many levels, but more than anything it will be a gift forever appreciated.

My portraits are a synergy of paint, photography, and digital elements. The final art will be a museum quality archival digital print or a fusion of digital print and paint. Once we begin our consultation the final approach to the art piece will become clear.

Portrait Commission Guidelines:

1. Purchase the size portrait you are interested in. Payment plans are available with half up front to begin the project and half upon completion. Expect a conceptual theme to accompany the image, parts of it may be photographic while other sections may be very textural or painterly in style.

2. We will start with a consultation as to your desires for the piece and any conceptual themes to consider. Thumbnail sketches may be drawn up to clarify any ideas.

3. A photography session will be booked in Santa Fe, New Mexico or where you live (travel expenses are additional). I may also create some drawings of you.

4. Within two months of the photography session your art will be ready for delivery. I can offer suggestions for mounting or framing. Shipping fees will added at this time unless you are picking it up.

Please contact me to set up a commission and answer any questions you may have about the process.

13"x 19" $1250
18"x 24" $2500
24"x 36" $4000
42"x 72" $6000