The Art of Greg Spalenka Book with Personalized Drawing

$ 95.00

A signed standard edition with a drawing in the front. Please request a feminine or masculine theme for the sketch. 

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Some examples of drawings made in books below as well as here & here.


This book highlights 32 years of my art career. In it I share my history as a multi-disciplinary image maker with commentary on my techniques, experiences, philosophy and the art of following your muse.

It includes many of my most iconic images for America's major publishers of books, magazines, newspapers, comics, (Time, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, DC Comics). You will see a cross section of concept designs for films such as, The Golden Compass, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and others as well as personal pieces and photography. View the art of my early Art Center days featuring the "crystal clear" technique, through the social/political commentary of the 80's, the fantastical imagery of the 90's, into the film and photography of the 2000's.

Published by Titan Books in London, this hard bound, 9.5" x 12" 176 page full color book is also printed with metallic inks. QR codes are also integrated into the index to access more information online. I worked with amazing graphic designer Jeff Burne and am very proud of the result. 


“Greg is one of the most important, innovative and influential illustrators of the last 30 years and this gorgeously designed and printed retrospective more than proves that opinion. It is a collection that both entertains and inspires. Which, of course, means yes, you definitely should get a copy.”

-Arnie Fenner  

“Greg Spalenka’s distinctive, dreamlike images haunt the mind, invoking new and old myths, populated with fire beings, desert spirits, and winged, ethereal creatures. His vast landscapes of extraordinary worlds lend themselves to exploration and contemplation, with vivid touches and tangible details that bring alien expanses, charmed forests, and mysterious labyrinths alike to life.”

-Tor Books

“Type and paint and pixels all bleed into one, creating a beautiful tapestry of artwork inside that screams of pristine craftsmanship. The book quite literally may have some of the most luminous reproductions I’ve EVER seen in an art book.”

-Dan Dos Santos

"Congrats on a gorgeous book. The printing is great, giving both the painted work and the digital/photo work incredible detail and depth. The sketch is beautiful and a magical part of the book as a whole. Many evenings will be spent perusing this wonderland of print. Thank you"

-Nathan Dryden

"Your works capture my eye with something attractive, and then there is a depth to it that makes me yearn to know more and get closer. This is also how I feel about many of the woman in your artwork... some kind of inner light shining out. Maybe this could be due to having an inner reality that is not reconciled with the outer world, and not subjugated to it either." 

-James Bowlin