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The Eyes of the Unicorn Book

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The Eyes of the Unicorn, is an enchanting, magical tale of a young lady, a hunt for a unicorn and the transformation of her young friends heart. This healing and inspirational story was written by Teresa Bateman and my first illustrated children's book.

Eyes of light
Horn of healing
A Unicorn's love 
Tis' oft revealing

This book is out of print.

The Eyes of the Unicorn is a 12" x 9.5", 32 page hardcover book with dust jacket and was published by Holiday House.

"Accompanying Ms. Bateman's text are beautiful illustrations by Greg Spalenka. An artist and concept designer he makes his picture book debut with this title, and it is a remarkable one." -Gail Cooke

"This is a beautiful book with wonderful illustrations and an uplifting message. Great for all ages and anyone who loves unicorns." -Charlotte H. Berney

"It's a jewel! and has the rich illustrations to match the beautiful, edifying story." -J