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The Visions of Vespertina CD

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A signed, limited edition, collectible musical CD and booklet.

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Edition of 2500, less than 100 copies left.

The Visions of Vespertina is a musical odyssey of the spiritual heart. This soundtrack of original compositions follows the story of a young 14th century mystic as she journeys to the underworld of her soul. Now considered a cult classic of new age gothic music, The Visions of Vespertina features ethereal, emotional, relaxing & moving songs that will envelope you in dreamy textures of epic choral & orchestral mastery. The CD is accompanied with a 24 page booklet of art, lyrics and prose. This project was created with singer, song writer, and artist Michelle Barnes

"This is definitely going to be one of my favorite's. Highly creative sounds that will evoke the creativity in you." -Dragynsfyre

"I put my child to sleep with Vespertina." -Richard Taylor (Creative Director, WETA)

"What an *awesome* album (ok CD) it was soooo neat... I wouldn't call it "Gothic" I would call it new agey- ethereal coolness, yet down to earth with the music (esp the drums!) and the voices were beautiful and the art... way cool! And for any one worried NOT in any way amateurish, VERY professionally done and well worth the $$!!!! (more than worth the $$)" -Torsornin "Love it!!!" -Studiotansia

"Words cannot describe the experience listening to this CD." -MuseQueen

"Thanks so much for this beautiful package!!!! It is amazing and it completely inspires me." -Alphaomega

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Vespertina's adventures. I have found the music has been amazing to get me into the right head space for my yoga practice, and also for the journey home; it's been a great way to continue the mood! I have 3 children who have autism, so my drive to and from yoga is my really carefully guarded time. I really enjoy the rhythm, and the meditative quality. I have also had the disc playing when I've had the children in the car. My eldest boy has significant panic attacks, and he has calmed down considerably listening to it. Anyway, I really love the sounds, the lyrics and the booklet! Many thanks." -Elizabeth