Photo shoots are combination of chemistry, light, attitude and synergy. Start with a good idea, add models, costumes, props and a prayer that the perfect moment develops along with the shutter clicking. It is amazing how a nano second can change the quality of an image.


Generally I start with a solid idea for any art piece I am creating. However in this instance everything came together so quickly I did not have time to really flesh out a solid concept. Instead I relied on the feeling of what “Noir” the Roxana Illuminated Perfume evoked which was dark, earthy, animalic. By allowing the creative process to blossom in a serendipitous manner with model Jessica Lough who brought out her extensive wardrobe of exotic dresses, corsets and more, new ideas rose to the surface.


Tara Larsen Chang also had masks and other items we could play around with too. With limited resources we jumped into taking pictures. Much improvisation was used as can be seen with Andre (Jessica’s partner) acting as a light stand and human crane!


Thanks to Tara for documenting it all. There is more art to made from all of this. Stay tuned.


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