Blue is Beautiful

These photo sketches are experiments. Much of my art is all about the process of pushing materials, innovating, reinventing and transcending the possibilities of what different mediums can bring to light. Whether drawing, painting, or taking pictures there is sure to be … Continue reading

Sneak Peek

Stella Luna The Art of Greg Spalenka: Visions From The Mind’s Eye will showcase 32 years of my professional art career but also unknown pieces some recently created. This is one of them. “Stella Luna” was inspired by one of … Continue reading

Noir Woods

NOIR WOODS was created for the Roxana Illuminated Perfume Figure 1: Noir LookBook. I wanted this art to evoke a deep, dark, earthy sensuality embraced by wild crafted haute couture. Once again the lovely Jessica Lough was the inspiration. 13″x19″ … Continue reading

Behind the Camera

Photo shoots are combination of chemistry, light, attitude and synergy. Start with a good idea, add models, costumes, props and a prayer that the perfect moment develops along with the shutter clicking. It is amazing how a nano second can … Continue reading


Noir Noir represents a deep, dark, earthy sensuality and the spirit of our animal nature. This image was created for Roxana Illuminated Perfume and her Figure 1: Noir botanical perfume. It is available as an archival print here. The beautiful Jessica … Continue reading