Cyanotype Life


Working on a new cyanotype piece for a show at the Wolf Gallery in Austin Texas. Here we see the interior life of the cyanotype negative... its potential to create magic with the cyanotype alchemy- earth, water, air, fire.

Making these short little videos is a fun way to explore the creative process.

Cyanotype Update


White Deer, (sketch) 24"x24"


 The cyanotype experiments continue...  

I am still exploring the alchemical mastery inherent in this historical photographic process. Seen here are the prints taken out of the water they were developing in. We can see the transitions from negative to positive image.

I consider these sketches while working out the dynamics of the process. Ultimately these will be larger pieces closer to 42"x42"


Chakra Goddess is available as a color print, but I wanted to see how this image transformed using this process. Once again this sketch on paper is in the middle of the developing process.



 Dreams of Alchemy, (sketch) is an image in progress. I can see anomalies in the developing process. There is a serendipitous quality to the cyanotype method... hence it is very difficult to create a series where every piece looks exactly the same. Learning to surrender to the unique properties that this technique offers is a spiritual practice.

The Goddess & Alchemy



I am part of a group show in Austin, Texas at Music Hill Ranch, opening Friday, Feb. 24 with a new experimental body of work. This is the first of many explorations on themes of the Goddess and historical photographic processes.

R-Evolution The Triumph of Alchemy & the Sovereign Goddess

6'x3' Triptych of cyanotypes on paper.

10,000 years ago was the golden age of the Great Goddess. Women were venerated as creators of life. During this time, communication, art, beauty, tolerance, balance, peace, creativity, prevailed with a caring respect for nature. Conflict was minimal and war almost non-existent. The shift to patriarchal rule upset the balance between men and women, initiating the decline of basic human values. Gods rose above the Goddess, hiding her in shadow.

Alchemy is an ancient mysterious doctrine. Transformation is the goal of all alchemical exploration, but the "Great Work” of creating a Philosopher's Stone was the prize. The perfection of this essence was termed “the absolute.” Turning lead into gold was considered real and symbolic. However, enlightenment was most desired. It was perceived and realized as the Beauty of all Beauty, Love of all Love, and the High most High. True alchemy was misunderstood and so during the fourteenth century this science fell into grave disrepute, and many good practitioners suffered prison and death.

The Great Goddess and the Great Work as forces of nature and spirit live on, revealed in the power of personal transformation. As I learned more about these sacred concepts, I envisioned the Goddess of Sovereignty returning to the consciousness of the world… reviving the Divine Feminine and the Anima Mundi – the World’s Soul. To embolden the R-Evolution of Humanity.

My experiments with cyanotypes and early historical photography processes reflect a type of alchemy in the elements of earth, fire, water and air. The symbolic elements of EARTH are found in the film, paper, and emulsion, FIRE is the sun’s rays exposing and transforming the chemicals into light and shadow, WATER develops and transfigures the image, AIR finishes the process of manifestation. This technique includes painting with the emulsion, destroying and rebuilding the image and repeating the process. Each piece is an evolution. Resurrecting concepts of the Goddess and Alchemy in this manner, allows me to reflect upon aspects of my own personal evolution within the realms of nature and spirit.

This event is a ticketed event with exotic food, bar, live music!