Vespertina LookBook

The Vespertina LookBook has arrived! This debut is a tribute to the new Eau de Parfum format of the Roxana Illuminated Perfume botanical fragrance. Many thanks to the beautiful models- Isabelle Howell, Kellie Bryant, Sophie Fletcher, and Miranda Rizzolo. The … Continue reading

Visions of Vespertina Salute

Michelle Barnes and I created The Visions of Vespertina CD Booklet thirteen years ago, yet it still resonates with people. It has a bit of a cult following and people still purchase it from around the planet. Feels good to … Continue reading

Vespertina Print

I have been asked numerous times to offer this Vespertina image for sale. It reflects her mystic journey and warrior spirit. There is a hint of Joan of Arc. Now available as a 13″x19″ archival print, signed, for $25.00 on … Continue reading

Change is Coming

My lovely friend, artist, singer/song writer, Michelle Barnes (my song writing partner on The Visions of Vespertina) has written an anthem for change in the spirit of the wall street occupiers.

Vespertina Revealed X

“The creatures collapsed into a heap.” “That’s it!” Elizabeth jumped high above the four beasts. Grabbing the silver thread snaking from the back of her neck she pulled sharply on it in a downward motion. Her cord reeled in from … Continue reading

Vespertina Revealed IX

William Bateman (1298 – 1355) Bishop of Norwich. A sister placed a carafe of mulled wine and freshly baked bread before the seated Bishop. He politely denied the offerings, stood up and began to pace around Mother Superior’s office. “We … Continue reading

Vespertina Revealed VIII

Crescoptiscope image attributed to Dante.  “Dante was not sure he was cut out for the Spiritus Quarere. The real world had enough drama and interest for him. Why spend most of your day trancing helping those unfortunate souls in the … Continue reading

Countdown to 11/11/11

In one month 11/11/11 three important events will happen on the same day. #1. Project-Peace on Earth will broadcast its historic peace concert in Manger Square in Bethlehem, Palestine. The spiritual and political significance of this concert in the middle … Continue reading

Vespertina Revealed VII

Crescoptiscope image attributed to an early generation Soul Troll. “Vespertina noticed that the skin on the troll’s exposed arm glistened and appeared to be made of thin, clear, colorless strips that wound around the limbs, and sinews like twine. Elizabeth’s … Continue reading

Vespertina Revealed VI

Crescoptiscope image attributed to Vespertina. “I watched Vespertina contemplate the shiny object for a few moments before tentatively picking it up. It looked metallic and flashed spectral colors in the astral light as she turned it in her hand. From … Continue reading