Song of the Cherry Blossoms

Song of the Cherry Blossoms, 1982, 19.5″x14″ Graphite, acrylic, oil paint, on illustration board. Created for the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo and celebrating the timeless music of the Koto. The surface and paint of this art was textured … Continue reading
December 16, 2015 by Spalenka

Classical Kabuki

Classical Kabuki, 1983, 29″x20″ Graphite, acrylic, colored pencils, on illustration board. Everything here is painted. This visual Haiku reflects east/west arts. The piece has an overall texture but the mask was painted then sanded over and over again to capture … Continue reading
December 11, 2015 by Spalenka

4 SALE series 10

The new 4 SALE collection is up! This week the focus is on British History, Summer, Time, and Classical Kabuki. Go HERE.