Vespertina Revealed VII

Crescoptiscope image attributed to an early generation Soul Troll. “Vespertina noticed that the skin on the troll’s exposed arm glistened and appeared to be made of thin, clear, colorless strips that wound around the limbs, and sinews like twine. Elizabeth’s … Continue reading

Vespertina Revealed IV

This Crescoptiscope image is attributed to a soul troll in the astral plane. “Humans were carried like bags of flour slung over the backs of the trolls, or tied into strands of their long hair.”* *Vespertina Journal- Spiritus Quarere: De … Continue reading

Vespertina Unveiled

Researching the fictional reality of Vespertina’s story was a journey unto itself. Here are some highlights from that investigation. In 1712 John Talman, first director of the Society of Antiquaries in England returned from Italy with a compilation of journals … Continue reading

Vespertina the Story

Many of God’s lessons are riddles wrapped in rhymes, Until the power of mercy and the soul which it divines, Encompasses all meaning and leaving no despair, Removes the demons from our minds to heal those unaware. Hidden from our … Continue reading

Vespertina: Saga of the Soul Seekers

Have you seen this in the new San Diego Comic Con annual?! I will be in booth 5553. The story of Vespertina is arriving. Much will be revealed!