More Reviews & Sketches

  “Titan released a book that not only captures some of Spalenka’s best work, but also grants the opportunity to learn about an artist that isn’t afraid to take risks in his career and proves that art is still very … Continue reading

More Reviews of The Art of Greg Spalenka

Five more more reviews of my art book… Nerdology Horror News Activere Spawn Don’t Forget A Towel Bio Gamer Girl Go here to purchase the special editions of which there are a few left-

More Book Sketches

I have been drawing sketches in my books for people who purchase the $95 and $195 limited edition slipcase set. It has been a joy personalizing each and every one of these. The image that comes through for each book is intuitive, … Continue reading

They’re Here!

The Art of Greg Spalenka has arrived and the printing is stunning. You can order special standard and limited editions here with drawings.          Will be a wonderful addition to any art library. “Greg Spalenka’s distinctive, dreamlike images haunt the mind, invoking … Continue reading

The Deluxe Limited Edition

The Deluxe Limited Edition (only 500 copies) is absolutely gorgeous. It really is a piece of art and feels amazing in your hands. This edition includes a different cover, one signed print (Impromptu), a signed and numbered signature plate on parchment paper … Continue reading

A Sketch in Your Book

I am drawing feminine or masculine themed sketches into some of my, The Art of Greg Spalenka books. Here are a few feminine themed examples. I love drawing the figure so this is a real treat. All in graphite. They … Continue reading