Many of God’s lessons are riddles wrapped in rhymes,
Until the power of mercy and the soul which it divines,
Encompasses all meaning and leaving no despair,
Removes the demons from our minds to heal those unaware.

Hidden from our sight are the grand machinations of reality. Whether it be the life inside a seed, or the massive intricate mathematical calculations of karma, the laws of divine nature appear infinite, unknowable. Yet there are those elite few who do know, and have known for a very, very long time.

Vespertina: Saga of the Soul Seekers is derived and inspired by excerpts of the Spiritus Quarere- De Profundus (Soul Seekers- Into the Depths). This compilation of autobiographical journals were written by Vespertina and several individuals during the  fourteenth century in England.

This story travels beyond the physical world and much further back in time than the fourteenth century.  Life after death was a divine right, until Dominus changed the rules. For millenniums a secret society of mystics were committed to mining the darkest passages of the astral world to rescue those enslaved by this ancient entity. What these spiritual masters dressed in the guise of English society, knights, and ascetics did not know, was that a final showdown millions of years in the making would be determined by the destiny of one sixteen year old girl.

Coming late 2011.

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