Crescoptiscope image attributed to an early generation Soul Troll.

“Vespertina noticed that the skin on the troll’s exposed arm glistened and appeared to be made of thin, clear, colorless strips that wound around the limbs, and sinews like twine. Elizabeth’s anger was rising, “Dominus is expanding his campaign. By God’s blood, this must end!”

The trolls were headed toward an ornately carved entry way into the side of a cliff.
One of the humans awoke on the trolls back, and struggled to escape. He was caught and thrown forcibly to the ground.
“Oh!” Vespertina gasped.
The individual still struggled and was thrown to the ground again. It did not move.
Vespertina turned her head away. More in the group awoke and strained against the troll’s will. Each was flung to the ground violently and rendered unconscious, then tossed like a rag doll onto the monster’s back.

“That’s enough!” Elizabeth raced toward the scene.

*Excerpt from The Visions of Vespertina.

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