Michelle Barnes and I created The Visions of Vespertina CD Booklet thirteen years ago, yet it still resonates with people. It has a bit of a cult following and people still purchase it from around the planet. Feels good to know that some things we create have some longevity. There are about 100 copies left of the first edition created back in 2000 if you want to experience it.

Hear it.

Buy it.


I received this sweet review today. ..

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Vespertina’s adventures. I have been playing the disc in the car; my only fully private time. I have found the music has been amazing to get me into the right head space for my yoga practise, and also for the journey home; it’s been a great way to continue the mood! I have 3 children who have autism, so my drive to and from yoga is my really carefully guarded time. I really enjoy the rhythm, and the meditative quality.

I have also had the disc playing when I’ve had the children in the car. My eldest boy has significant panic attacks, and he has calmed down considerably listening to it. Usually I need to use baroque music, or heavily percussive contemporary to help calm him, so it is nice to have another choice in my “arsenal”. Anyway, I really love the sounds, the lyrics and the booklet! 

I guess it is always a bit of a gamble buying music unheard, but I got a great feeling from the images in the listing. And my intuition , as usual was correct! I feel that Vespertina is a very special journey. My son, Oliver says the percussion reminds him of Japanese tyko drums, which he has a passion for. Pretty high praise! 

Many thanks.”

-Elizabeth, Australia

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