A big thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite cover. I had 0ver 700 visitors to my Blog on one day which is a record for one of my posts. Our winner with the most votes is the Unborn Goddess (above), Goddess of the Sun was second, Alchemical Queen (in the alembic) was third, with Winged Heart coming in fourth.

Many of you mentioned that all of them were great, hence could not choose a favorite, whereas some of you chose several! Another suggestion was to use two or more of the images, one for the front and one for the back or throughout the booklet. Another possibility is to create a fusion of these pieces.

All of you know that I embrace an evolving process (building, destroying and rebuilding the image) in creating my art, so this may be the solution. Fusing elements of these images could reveal a synergy!

This poll was to help me focus on the cover direction that most resonated with all of you. I have learned a lot and thank you for your time. Now I am going to embrace your collective wisdom and do my best to manifest some AWE, that best represents, Memory of a Cosmic Heart.

Stay tuned.

Go here to see videos about the project and pre-order the book and album. 



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